About CycloPraxis

CycloPraxis listing - Author/Inventor, Builder, Capitalizer, Captain, ExtenderWelcome to an in-depth exploration of CycloPraxis, one of the least-understood and most under-utilized ways to truly understand dynamics of teams, projects, product lifecycles, and enterprise interactions, and where people can best operate within them.

CycloPraxis identifies the natural working preferences of employees according to the lifecycle stage of a business.

The classic match between worker and job is function:  operations, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, development, etc.  Certainly it is important to match job function to an individual’s preferences.  There is another equally important dimension to the fit between workers and their jobs:  CycloPraxis.

Source: OVERVIEW: CycloPraxis by Doug Johnson

Here, we’ll be digging into the concepts of CycloPraxis and exploring the four different praxes (working styles) which occur and interact in business and society:

  • Innovator (was Author/Inventor)
  • Builder
  • Capitalizer
  • Extender

Understanding these four praxes and how they interact with each other can help explain why projects and team dynamics go off the rails… and what can be done to get them back on track.

Additionally, understanding your own personal praxis (primary and secondary), can help you identify your most appropriate career path, job opportunities that are the best fit for you, as well as flag opportunities which do not bode well for your future.