Praxes and Modes

In discussing praxes with individuals, I often come across people who winder if they really belong in only one praxis category. They feel equally like a Builder and an Extender. Or they feel strong kinship with both Innovator and Capitalizer. They can’t choose between the two.

I’ve felt the same, myself, feeling as though I’m equally able to act as a Builder and an Innovator, and having people tell me that I’m obviously an Extender.

Which one is true?

I was inclined to think that people can have primary praxes, as well as secondary and acquired ones. There was always going to be a “contra” praxis that never fits, no matter what.

But perhaps there’s another level to it – a way we are comfortable interacting with others, versus taking initiative on our own.

Maybe we have Modes, as well as Praxes, which we learn or acquire over the years. And regardless of whether those modes are second-nature to us or not, we can get by with them plenty well. Even better than that. We excel.

In my experience and observation, the same four delineations of the CycloPraxis model map extremely well as Modes. The same external conditions apply – and require the same types of skills and orientations. They may be easy for us, or hard. They may feel right, or completely wrong. But no matter what, the sets of behaviors and priorities align with the phase of an endeavor in which we’re engaged.

It just doesn’t always feel natural to us.