Builder Praxis

Most Comfortable, Productive Phase

Business: Ramp-up, Expansion, Direction, Adolescence, TakeOff, and Growth

  • play an absolutely fundamental role in the growth of new business units
  • institute the quality control, the manufacturing, the delivery, the support, the financial controls, the value proposition, the sales recipe, and the first marketing collaterals
  • Many (Authors and) Builders make a career out of entrepreneuring, always starting and launching businesses, never sticking around after a few years, not part of a corporation or larger firm.
  • Freelance builders can be found in project management careers.

Project: Execution, Launch

Position Types

Freelance builders can be found in project management careers.

Works Best

During ramp-up of a business unit or project

  • When innovations become products, early customers partnerships form, markets explode, operations begin, finance and quality and human resource functions begin, first processes are initiated.
  • driven by achievement of goal, and once achieved they need something else to build

Trouble Spots

  • once goal is achieved, they need something else to build or they become unhappy
  • Builders and Authors are rarely found running franchises or mainstreet businesses.
  • Not satisfied in traditional roles in the medical or legal professions, in education, or in the delivery of services.
    many want to be Captains
  • Builder working in the extend stage will not perform well – Builders fare poorly often appearing unhelpful due to their impatience and insensitivity to the needs of others.

Theme & Focus

  • “Make It So!”
  • Productizing
  • attention to details
  • In product development, they are responsible for commercializing – in both product/service
  • process the author’s idea
  • process development


  • Settlers, who take the big ideas and work out the details to make sure that abstractions can become concrete
  • Seek challenging accomplishments around unsolved problems
  • strong drivers and push organizations hard
    strong initiators – success makers as opposed to success followers
  • work long hours and hold accomplishing the goal above all else [even above employee relations]
  • see tasks through to completion with unwavering focus
  • Thrive on getting it done (whatever “it” is)
  • Upon completion of task, move on to another assignment where they can repeat building process
  • needs to be better grounded with someone else’s idea
  • needs to be affiliated with an organization


  • fearlessly run lots of experiments looking for the right recipe
  • learn rapidly from their mistakes
  • highly organized
  • energetic
  • excellent problem solvers
  • very pragmatic
  • prolific communicators
  • able to simultaneously work on a phenomenal number of tasks.
  • have an achievement need and are passionate about getting things done


  • Rarely has original ideas
  • If called upon to propose a new idea, may struggle to be spontaneous
  • same personality traits that make them successful in the expansion stage also limits its effectiveness later in the evolution
  • poor leaders of the large number of effective capitalizers
  • builder drives the capitalizer with endless urgent improvements rather than focusing on people management, team motivation, and predictability
  • narrow pragmatism – a strength during the building stage – not only inhibits their effectiveness at authoring new ideas
  • narrow pragmatism limits their sensitivity to the motivation needs of the large sales, marketing, and manufacturing populations to follow

Seen by others as:

  • impatient
  • insensitive to people
  • overly type “A”