Capitalizer Praxis

Praxis – Capitalizer (see also Captain)

Most Comfortable, Productive Phase

Business: Profit making, resource optimizing, customer acquisition, Maturity, Stability, Professionalization, and Delegation

  • firms gain pay back on the initial investments of authoring and building the new business unit
  • Business revenues and operational efficiencies reach their peak
  • motivated capitalizer will enjoy growing their personal financial reward

Project: Operationalization, Metrics, Scorecard Reporting

Position Types


Works Best

  • During a business’s profit making or resource optimizing years;
  • Need to maximize output. Business unit reaches its full potential, generates the most substantial profits or best resource utilization, repeatedly wins customers and delivers maximum value.
  • appreciate a structured work environment
  • delight in repeatedly executing the plan with constant gradual improvement.

Trouble Spots

  • less effective at authoring or building because neither stage is predictable, because there are no processes, and because of less developed imagination and problem solving skill.
  • reluctant to deal with the unknown.
  • On an individual’s level, capitalizers who draw building or authoring assignments frequently underperform against management expectations
  • At the business unit level, the Capitalizer’s traditionalism traits can scuttle important diversification.
  • doesn’t want their comfortable status quo to change
  • frequently resist adjusting to changing market conditions.
  • Sluggish adjustment by capitalizers and captains to a changing landscape
  • prematurely erodes many business units.
    Capitalizer working in the extend stage will not perform well – Capitalizers
  • struggle with the unpredictability of the extender workload and an inability to fully recover revenues for all the time invested.
  • A source of tension exists with capitalizers who become frustrated by the extender’s apparent disinterest in efficient delivery.
  • Mismatch exits with Capitalizers who organizes work according to a predictable schedule and the Extender who extends each engagement thinking that more assistance is better.

Theme & Focus

“Show Me the Money!” (Or data)

  • Develop production line
  • profit generation
  • measurement
  • continuous improvement
  • standardization
  • Character
    Road Pavers / Production Line Creators who systematize and operationalize production at scale & measure results
    Majority of workers
    Thrive on predictability and defined structure
    Structure enables them to contribute to profitability or effective resource utilization of the business unit
    Enjoy situations where output is measured (and tied to pay)
    Often make incremental improvements in processes, products, efficiencies, yields, costs
    attention to detail
    excellence in following established processes
    penchant for steady improvement
    key to a business’s profitable existence
    setting and meeting of work quotas energizes them
    have a stronger people and profit/resource orientation than either the author or the builder
    Capitalizer traits increase the business unit’s efficient use of resources
    rely on efficiency improvement, quality improvement, automation, and cost controls
    structure, predictability, achievable quotas, and general motivation are essential to productivity

  • Strength(s)
  • Limits
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