Innovator Praxis

Praxis – Innovator (was Author/ Inventor)

Most Comfortable, Productive Phase

Business: Early Stage – StartUp, Inception, Napkin Sketches, Infancy, Survival, New Venture, Creativity, Entrepreneurial, Inception

  • Many Authors (and Builders) make a career out of entrepreneuring, always starting and launching businesses, never sticking around after a few years, not part of a corporation or larger firm.

Project: Definition, justification, design

Position Types

  • entrepreneurs
  • architects
  • visionaries
  • initiate many startups with VC help
  • authors who do remain in large firms are the idea originators of most new
  • business units
  • many seek the safety of corporate
  • research settings where they are free to explore ideas

Works Best

  • initially and only initially
  • Where an innovative idea is championed and developed and where the business is initiated.
  • In nurturing climates for the authors of ideas, innovations, and new institutions
    being creative
  • constantly offering hypotheses and ideas to everyone around them
  • when they and their idea have little organizational grounding
  • more comfortable working outside the processes of the large firm

Trouble Spots

  • unhappy when they are not permitted to express their creativity
  • when others fail to rally to their ideas
  • Builders and Authors are rarely found running franchises or mainstreet businesses.
  • Not satisfied in traditional roles in the medical or legal professions, in education, or in the delivery of services.
  • author working in the extend stage will not perform well – Customers of mature products look for assistance and understanding, not an author’s new ideas.

Theme & Focus

“My big idea is…”

  • Innovation
  • vision
  • abstractions
  • entrepreneurial
  • breaking the rules
  • rewriting the rulebook


  • Explorers
  • Have the big ideas, dive in and champion an idea that nobody else has thought about before
  • Always have fresh new ideas
  • Small percentage champion those ideas year after year, until proven correct
  • risk takers
  • relatively unstructured
  • revolutionary
  • bold
  • hold a stubborn persistence to their own ideas
  • generally disdain details, financial controls, and aggressive marketing
  • personality traits that are strengths work against success later in the evolution of the business unit


  • ability to conceive and champion an idea
  • strong initiators – success makers as
  • opposed to success followers
  • clarity of vision
  • strength of conviction


  • poor at leading
  • poor at communicating
  • poor at delegating
  • frequently disruptive to teams due to narcissist driven competition for best idea
  • won’t let go of idea (classic challenge facing many business units – startup or large firm is the succession plan of the original author entrepreneur)
  • hard to understand
  • can’t let go of control
  • get distracted by new ideas before existing ideas are “fully baked”

Seen by others as:

  • overconfident
  • unrealistic about the business appeal of their ideas
  • scattered
  • disruptive
  • controlling
  • “just frivolous idea guys who will never amount to anything”

Innovator Perceptions

Praxis Sees Them As:
Innovators Perfectly logical and relatable
Builders  Unstructured, undisciplined, impractical, disruptive, controlling, egotistical
Capitalizers Just frivolous idea guys who will likely never amount to anything
Captains Just frivolous idea guys who will likely never amount to anything
Extenders Interesting, but too risky. Lots of good ideas, but impractical.